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Academic Scholarships


All members of Douglas County Farm Bureau and their dependents are  eligible to apply for a scholarship if attending an accredited college/university, junior college or vocational/technical school. Each  year our board of directors issues nearly $4,000.00 in scholarship money.  Please contact your agent or email our staff with further requests.

Centennial & Sesquicentennial Farm Awards


This program honors those family farms that have passed down their heritage for more than a century.  

Eligibility Requirements:
-Applicant must be a Farm Bureau member in Douglas County, Kansas.
-Centennial:  Ownership within the same family for 100 or more consecutive  years, with at least 80 acres of the original Kansas farmland.
-Sesquicentennial: Ownership within the same family for 150 or more consecutive  years, with at least 80 acres of the original Kansas farmland.
-Present owner must be related to original owner.

Farm Family of The Year


 The purpose of this program is to recognize outstanding Farm Bureau  families who have distinguished themselves through participation in Farm  Bureau programs and leadership, family activities, community and civic  service, as well as displaying good farm operation management.

Each  year Douglas County Farm Bureau selects a deserving family and honors  them at the county annual meeting. The winning application from Douglas  County is submitted for one of 10 Kansas Farm Family of the Year awards  from Kansas Farm Bureau. 

Ag In The Classroom



We are excited to have the opportunity to visit local classrooms  every year with our exciting Ag related lessons plans. We have  educational materials and lesson plans for all grade levels. Teachers  may request an "Ag in the Classroom" presentation for their students by  calling the County Coordinator at 785-856-3276 or emailing

Click the link below for access to dozens of DIY lesson plans.

Pasture ID Program


  In a joint effort with the Douglas County Sheriff's Department we have  developed an efficient way to identify owners of strayed livestock. This  program provides producer identification and allows direct  communication between 911 and the producer should your livestock stray  from a fenced pasture. Anyone can sign up for this program. Farm Bureau  members receive their first sign free and may purchase additional signs  for $15 each. Non members may also participate for a $35 registration  fee and purchase additional signs for $15. Please call the office for  additional information. 

Vote FBF



VOTE  FBF is Kansas Farm Bureau’s political fund to support the campaigns of  pro-agriculture candidates for federal and state office.  Since its  inception in 1993 more than 90% of VOTE FBF-supported candidates have  been elected. Only active members can participate in the Vote FBF Process.

For more information click the link below.


County Ag Ambassador



The Ag Ambassador program is open to students who will be seniors in the fall, residing in Douglas County, who is interested in agriculture. Each ambassador will serve a 10-month term starting in October and ending the following July. We will select one ambassador each year. Call or email our office for more information on this program and how to apply.

Young Farmers & Ranchers


 The Young Farmers & Ranchers program offers opportunities for KFB  members between the ages of 18 and 35 years old to connect with their  peers through activities, issues and projects geared toward the younger  agriculture audience. Get a taste of what’s out there at the annual  YF&R Leaders Conference held in the end of January or early  February, participate in a competition and get involved in local  activities. County programs vary based on the interest of local members. For more information on YF&R click the link below.

4-H and Youth Development


 4-H is a nationwide program led by state land-grant universities in  cooperation with local county/district extension councils. In Kansas,  4-H is the largest youth educational program, aside from public schools.  Each of the four H's on the clover represent ways youth can grow and  develop in 4-H. 

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KFB Masters Program


This program focuses on the fundamentals  of today's agriculture, AND you will travel to a few different spots in  Kansas so you see agriculture up close with some geographic variety.  Our hosts let us visit their operations where they share their  agricultural insights. These special Kansans hold the secrets to the  program’s success. Their operations are revealing and these hosts are  great people to meet. 

Program Contact Information:

Pam Dankengring



Leadership KFB


Leadership KFB is designed to enhance skills through the design of the curriculum and  opportunities provided as a part of the six-part program schedule. The  participants of this program will take part in a very personalized and  unique learning experience. Each session will provide the participants  the chance to gain understanding about their personal leadership style,  as well as different approaches to problem-solving and conflict  resolution. Additionally, training in communication skills ranging from  public speaking to traditional and social media will be a focus of the  program. Finally, this program allows participants to engage with issues  across the state and learn from the leaders in the industry through  experiential sessions and tours.   


Collegiate Farm Bureau


For information on the Kansas University Collegiate Farm Bureau Chapter please call 785-856-3276 or email For general information on how to join a chapter near you click on the link below.